Curriculum Vitae




(2017-today) Full Professor Qualification – Applied Economics
(2015-today) Associate Professor of Public Economics, Dep. of Economics, U of Chieti-Pescara


(2017, Feb) Visiting Research Fellow, Economics Division, Leeds U Business School (UK)
(2015, Jan-Feb) Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Business Research, U of Cambridge (UK)
(2011-15) Assistant Professor of Public Economics, Dep. of Economics, U of Chieti-Pescara
(2010-11) Research Associate, Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute
(2010-11) Post-doc Research Fellow, Dep. of European and Intercultural Studies, U of Rome “Sapienza”
(2009, Apr-Jun) Visiting Researcher, School of Law, UCLA (Los Angeles, USA)
(2006, Aug-Dec) Visiting Student, Dep. of Economics, Stockholm U


(2010) Ph.D. in Law and Economics, Dep. of Economics, U of Siena
(2008) M.Phil. in Law and Economics, Dep. of Economics, U of Siena
(2007) M.Sc. in Economics, Dep. of Economics, U of Rome “Sapienza”
(2005) B.A. in Economics, Dep. of Economics, U of Rome “Sapienza”


(2017) Classified in the top 25% of Ass. Professors, Individual Annual Research Funding Program (ANVUR)
(2011-2014) National Evaluation of the Quality of Research (VQR, ANVUR) – score: 1 out of 1 (excellent)


(2013-today) U of Chieti-Pescara, PhD in Business, Institutions, Markets (board member)
(2015-2017) Member of the Quality Assurance Committee, “Economics and Business” program, U of Chieti-Pescara
(2017) Member of the Committee for the design of the tuition fees system, U of Chieti-Pescara
(2014-2017) Board Committee member, Dep. of Economics, U of Chieti-Pescara
(2014-2017) Member of the Quality Assurance Committee, Dep. of Economics, U of Chieti-Pescara
(2014) U of Siena, PhD in Economics (external examiner)
(2013-2014) Manager of students’ academic applications, “Economics and Business” program, U of Chieti-Pescara
(2012) IMT – Institute for Advanced Studies, PhD in Economics, Lucca (external examiner)


Economics, Public Economics, Regulation, Public Finance, Econometrics and Statistics


AEA, American Economic Association (2016-2017); EEA, European Economic Association (2017); Royal Economic Society (2016-2017); ALEA, American Law and Economics Association (2011/2016-2017); EALE, European Association of Law and Economics (2009/2012); NERI, Network on the Economics of Regulation and Institutions (scientific committee member) ; SIDE-ISLE, Italian Society of Law and Economics (2008-17 and founding member); CLEA, Canadian Law and Economics Association (2009); SIOE (ex-ISNIE), Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (2010/2016-2017); EACES, European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (2016); SIEP, Società Italiana di Economia Pubblica (2012); EPIP, European Policy for Intellectual Property (2014); AIEL, Associazione Italiana Economisti del Lavoro (2015); IAFEP, International Association for the Economics of Participation (board member); WINIR, World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (2015)


Oxford Economic Papers, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Journal of Comparative Economics, Review of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic Surveys, Industrial and Corporate Change, Journal of Applied Statistics, International Review of Economics, European Journal of Comparative Economics, European Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Institutional Economics, Corporate Governance: An International Review, Journal of Economic Policy Reform, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, Journal of Income Distribution, Higher Education, Journal of Economic Issues, Milbank Quarterly, Regulation & Governance, Research in Transportation Economics, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Economia Politica, Studi e Note di Economia, Economia & Lavoro, Springer, UTET.

FUNDED PROJECTS (Participant [P] / Coordinator [C])

(2017-today) LabREG: Labour Regulation and Employee Governance (U of Chieti-Pescara) [C]
(2014-2016) Institutions, Technology and Innovation (U of Chieti-Pescara) [C]
(2011-2012) Statistical Modeling of Claims and Premiums in Auto Insurance (U of Rome “Sapienza”) [P]
(2011) Corporate Governance and Growth (OECD, Corporate Affairs Division) [C]
(2011) Broadband Promotion Policies in Europe (IRG – Independent Regulators Group) [P]
(2010-2011) Solutions for Environmental Contrasts in Coastal Areas (EC, 7FP) [P]
(2010-2011) Territorial Impact of Globalization for Europe and its Regions (ESPON) [P]
(2010) Broadband Policies: the Role of the Public Intervention (ICOM – Institute for Competition) [P]
(2009-2010) Statistical Evaluation of Services’ Quality and Risks: New Multivariate Methodologies (PRIN, MIUR) [P]


2017: Copenhagen Business School (CCG Seminar); Leeds U Business School (LUBS Economics Seminars); U of Milan (Seminar on Liberalizations in Network Industries); U of Siena (Workshop on Italian Capitalism). 2016: LUMSA (Economic Seminars); U of Bologna (Conference on Collective Bargaining). 2015: USI (IdEP Research Seminar). 2011: Petralia Sottana (Workshop of Applied Economics); U of Pavia (IUSS Seminars). 2010: U of Pavia (IUSS Seminars)


2017: Columbia U (SIOE Conference); U of Catania (International Workshop of Law & Economics); LUBS (Leeds Workshop on Economics and Management of Workplace Democracy); LUMSA (SIDE Conference). 2016: Harvard U (ALEA Conference); Sciences Po (SIOE Conference); U of Turin (SIDE Conference); Regensburg U (EACES Conference); Copenhagen Business School (IAFEP Conference); U of Siena (International Workshop of Law & Economics). 2015: U of Napoli ”Federico II” (SIDE Conference); U of Cagliari (AIEL Conference); AgCom (International Workshop of Law & Economics); USI (WINIR Symposium). 2014: U of Rome ”Sapienza” (SIDE Conference); European Commission (EPIP Conference); AgCom (International Workshop of Law & Economics). 2013: USI (SIDE Conference). 2012: U of Stockolm (EALE Conference); U ”G. d’Annunzio” (International Workshop of Law & Economics); U of Turin (NERI Meeting). 2011: U of Turin (SIDE Conference); Petralia Sottana (Workshop of Applied Economics); Columbia U (ALEA Conference); U of Milan (10th Milan European Economy Workshop). 2010: Free U of Bozen (SIDE Conference); U Panthéon-Assas (EALE Conference); U of Stirling (ISNIE Conference). 2009: LUISS (EALE Conference); U of Florence (SIDE Conference); U of Toronto (CLEA Conference); METU (3rd International Conf. on Innovation, Technology and Knowledge Economics). 2008: U of Bologna (SIDE Conference); U of Kiel (Conference on Income Distribution and the Family)